A comparison of the features of a fake SM58 with a genuine SM58

Note that some older fakes had different features to the current fakes
The newer fakes are getting "better".




1. See the line where the bottom of the casing unscrews. On the real SM58 the "gap" is wider as the edges are very slightly rounded. On the fake one, the joint screws up to leave a very narrow line.

2. The centre band on the shield.
The fake one is shiny, the real one is semi-matt.
On the older fakes this band was 1mm wider than the real one, but the fakers cured that problem.

3. Lettering on the body.
On the real SM58 the lettering "SM58" is sharper and less bold than on the fake one. (The "SHURE" lettering is the same on both).

4. The gauze.
On the real SM58 the gauze is semi-matt, and looks "grey" in comparison with the fake, which is shiny.

Note: the contoured band just above the lettering is now almost identical on both. On the older fakes there was no contour on that band. The fakers cured that difference.

1. The centre band.
On the fake SM58 the band is noticeably thicker metal than the real one

2. The gauze.
On the real SM58 the gauze is semi-matt, and looks "grey" in comparison with the fake, which is shiny

Older fakes has a different weight to the genuine one. They were lighter. Now both are the same weight!

The bottom end.

1. The fake SM58 has a noticeable step in the edge of the bottom. There is no step on the genuine SM58

2. There is a "trash can" (do not dispose) emblem on the real SM58 which is absent on the fake.

3. The pins are numbered on both the fake and the genuine one. On the genuine SM58 the numbers are raised. On the fake SM58 the numbers are raised, but in a round recess.

Note: On some older fakes the pin numbers are missing.

The dead  give away.

Remove the gauze ball....

On the fake SM58 there is a caution sticker. This NEVER appears on the genuine SM58. (It is of course possible for an unscrupulous seller to remove that label).

On some older fakes the screw thread was black instead of shiny, but the fakers have now cured that discrepancy.

On the older fakes the wiring was of different colours to the original which has always been green & yellow. The fakers cured that discrepancy.

On the older fakes there was no red mark (applied by the checker). But newer fakes now have that stamp. (On the genuine SM58 the stamp is there, but now may be a different colour).

Wiring colour and checker's mark is no longer a reliable way to identify fake from real.

On the fake SM58 the plastic foam is black.
On the genuine SM58 it is grey.



Forget the added label on the real box. This was added by the retailer.

The real box has a matt finish and the printing is sharp and distinct. The fake box is glossy and appears much more black and white in the photo.

On the fake box, the colour registration of the printing is way out. There may be better examples of fake ones though.


Several differences. The fake one here is of the 2012-13 version. There may be other versions of the fake one. The genuine one is of the current version (2012-2013)

Note also that the fake one has an added label which is light grey, whereas on the real one it is white.

Some of the older fakes did not have a serial number.

Note also that the real one includes a thread adapter (and it really does), whereas on the fake there was no thread adapter included in the contents.


The genuine Shure bag is 10" long (and contains the brass thread adapter).

The fake bag is 8.5" long.


The texture of the material is much smoother on the genuine one, whereas the fake one shows more "leather" grain pattern. (Both are PVC).


On the genuine Shure bag, the outline of the lettering can be seen in reverse on the inside. That does not appear on the fake.

On the genuine Shure bag there is a small sewn in label marked "CHINA". This is absent on the fake bag.

On the genuine bag the inside material is pale. On the fake bag it has a distinct weave of grey.


Both are very close in appearance (older fakes were not).

Note the lettering on the fake one.


On the fake cable tie, the screen printing is very poor, with some print missing.


I wont go into all of the paperwork, but a glance at the front page of the manual easily shows the fake from the genuine one.

Note the poor quality of the photo of the microphone on the fake one compared with the sharpness of the genuine one. The fake is a poor photocopy.




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